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4 Reasons Why to Build an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU)

A space for you! A man cave, she shed or even a home office.

NEO will make your ADU shine with amazing style and fun amenities!
ADU in style!

More than ever we need some personal space. You could use your ADU as a gym, game room, artist’s studio, or even just a cool hangout space. One of our clients even added a sauna to his ADU with a huge TV! That sounds like a dream set up, especially now we are spending more time at home.

NEO will help you build your dream ADU.
Large Open Windows for that Inside/Outside feel!

During this pandemic, a home office is a space many people crave. Working environments will very likely be influenced by COVID-19, with more and more companies allowing and encouraging their employees to work from home. So why not get ahead of the curve and add a separate home office to your property?

Reach out so we can start designing your ADU today!


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