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Stagg Building

11 unit Multi-Family + 2 ADUs attached

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This project proposal is for a 11 unit multi-family building + 2 attached ADU located in North Hollywood, CA. The property is located on the North-East corner of Stagg St. and Agnes Ave. In total the square feet of the facility will be around 15,500 SF. The scope includes zoning change to current zoning of the neighborhood, four two-bedroom units, seven one-bedroom units, and two detached ADUs of 500 sf each, 13 garage spaces including van ADA, 11 long-term bike parking, lounge common area, and BBQ area.


As part of a developing neighborhood, this project will be a focal point of improving more housing. Its design is inspired by sustainability and low cost construction. As seen from the street, the layered and shifting facade resembles green vegetation. The extending balcony and open circulation at each unit allows for integration of the outdoor spaces with interior spaces. In this case helping with not having an imposing block to the neighborhood.


The intended use of this facility will be prioritizing outdoor and natural lighting. The program for the building will include an outdoor lounge and BBQ area to incentivize the tenants of gathering and co-living.

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